Daily Registration Cost

Full and Single Day Registration Cost

Full Week

Adult Full Week Registration – Prior June 1st – $120/person (no longer available)

Child Full Week (age 10-16) – $60 (no longer available)


Adult Full Week Registration On/After June 1st – $140/person

Child Full Week (age 10-16) – $70


Sunday Only Adult – $35/person

Sunday Only Child (age 10-16) $20/per child


Monday Only Adult – $35/person

Monday Only Child (age 10-16) $20/per child


Tuesday Only (Includes Pool Party) – $45/person

Tuesday Only Child (age 10-16) (Includes Pool Party) – $25/per child


Wednesday Only (Includes Picnic Lunch) – $45/person

Wednesday Only Child (age 10-16) (Includes Picnic Lunch) – $20/per child


Thursday Only – NO Banquet – $35/person

Thursday Only Child (age 10-16) NO Banquet – $20/per child


Thursday Only – WITH Banquet – $75/person

Thursday Only Child (age 10-16) WITH Banquet – $40/per child

US funds ONLY can be accepted.